What is Space Explorers Academy?

Space Explorers Academy is a non-profit curated educational resource project developed by instructional designer and futurist Roxanne Shewchuk to demonstrate ideas and research with the hope to encourage constructive discussions about how emerging technologies are transforming life as we know it. 

What kind of topics do the learning pathways cover?

With increased connectivity and technological progress, our planetary systems are undergoing major disruptions across many industries and government systems. As the division among peoples seemingly increases, many are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless that the situation can improve. The learning pathways are intended to guide you through a multi-disciplinary exploration to demystify some of the space-related technologies in use today, suggestions on evaluating and shifting your mindset and encouraging visions for the future with an emphasis on creating opportunities to expand the boundaries of human potential while respecting cultural diversity.

What benefit is there for me to review this material?

Through practicing and studying new forms of communication tools and respectful approaches, people can better identify our common goals and strengths and amplify real strategies to improve ourselves and subsequently the world around us in sustainable ways. You will have the opportunity to learn about emerging technologies through curated courses developed with inclusion and compassion at the forefront. Exploring space-related research and some of the technologies that are supporting that endeavour and how these ideas and tools can be implemented to improve life on earth. Additionally, the courses are being hosted on CanopyLAB AI powered learning platform which has a great selection of courses developed by their amazing network of partners, who are pioneering NGOs, museums and student organizations. 

Do you push any particular country's agenda or political perspective?

The pathways are developed with an impartial, non-partisan messaging that can be understood by a wide variety of people. We believe by providing a factual, research-based approach to the advances in these fields we can better inform our audience as well as reduce misunderstanding and any resultant disinformation that can surround emerging technologies and the space sector. Ultimately we wish to provide reliable information and trusted resources with which can be applied in the lives of those who are involved in designing the future and support safe environments to grow and learn.

Will learning about these topics go against my spiritual or religious beliefs?

In order to be as inclusive as possible, the courses are designed to explore the topics from a humanistic approach and uses language that can be understood regardless of your educational or religious upbringing. People who are religious can benefit from practical and compassionate strategies to humanity's challenges and shared dreams. We hope that what is presented can benefit anyone who joins the community with an open heart and an open mind.

How many courses are there? And how long will it take to complete?

We currently have 4 courses available that provide a general overview to get the community up to speed with some of the mindsets and the advancements happening within emerging technologies and space exploration research and development. Each course is self-paced and broken down into 6 units with a selection of videos, supplementary materials, reflection questions and learning activities to promote mastery of the lessons. We will be releasing 4 more pathways in 2020 that will cover technological transformations in computing systems, health & wellbeing, food & water, and transportation especially as they are related to space research and exploration.

How is this different than having conversations on other social media networks?

The content in these pathways is selected to be informative, direct and accessible across ages and prior educational levels. In a world where there is a lot of content available vying for our attention and some of it with heavy bias which then precludes progress and action being taken that can benefit all peoples. We believe in covering concept and transformational topics as simply as possible and providing support and encouragement for the audience to further develop their individual interests or form working groups. The activities at the end of each unit form the basis to prompt discussions, build relationships surrounding the content and foster ideas that can actively improve integrating the topics into our lives and work. We hope that the content provided can help bridge misunderstandings and build a stronger community regardless of where you are starting from.

Are you being paid to promote certain products or services?

Space Explorers Academy is a non-profit organization based in Canada and the research and development to date have been self-funded. The learning pathways are being developed by the organization's president and creative director Roxanne Shewchuk who has over 10 years of experience in digital media, instructional design, and communications in partnership with the supportive team at CanopyLAB

Disclosure of additional partnership and sponsorship arrangements will be made as the information becomes available. Independent of the organization, Roxanne holds shares in $TSLA.

Do I have to invest money or order from the links to participate in the courses?

No, all links provided are included for educational purposes only as case-studies or examples. There may be some activities that encourage you to try out free memberships and services but participation is completely optional. If you have the means to do so and you do decide to spend money on something demonstrated in our courses our aim is to present companies that are in alignment with our mission. These learning pathways and any future ones we publish on CanopyLAB will continue to be free, however, we are looking into a paid membership model for our virtual reality offering but this is still in the development phase and more information will be provided in the coming months.

What are your intentions for 2020 and how can I support your work?

When you sign up you can get access to the free learning pathways and also meet interesting people from around the world studying these topics who are in alignment with a common dream of a more sustainable, inclusive world and who are interested in engaging in these topics respectfully and constructively. It is Roxanne's desire to develop custom virtual reality content from the ideas presented in these learning pathways to provide improved visualizations to better demonstrate some of the transformative potentialities that await humanity.

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